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    Jardins en Pays de Liège 

     It is since 2002, over 100,000 visitors in 85 private gardens which have opened their door for the benefit of the Association "Enfants d'un même Père": temporary home for disabled children.




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    Jardins en Pays de Liège   - Saison 2017




    Since 2002, under the aegis of the non-profit organization “Enfants d’un même Père” (“Children of the same Father”) the members of Jardins en Pays de Liège organize visits of private gardens in the Province of Liège. Every year, about twenty gardens are open to the public and welcome more than 10,000 visitors. The totality of the funds raised by means of  entrance fees goes to an association looking after handicapped children.


    The final result: 85 different gardens open all over the province, 100,000 visitors. Another initiative was the publication of the book “Jardins en Pays de Liège” with photographs by Vincent Botta and a preface by Luc Noël who writes:  the “Jardins en Pays de Liège” operation has a bright future ahead of it. First and foremost because it is riding a wave of contagious kindness…


    This observation is particularly relevant: besides the gardeners who give visitors access to their gardens, “Jardins en Pays de Liège” numbers scores of volunteers who put up pavilions, welcome the public, make gardening implements and bake tarts and cakes to turn every opening weekend into a real festival.


    In fact,  the 10 amateur gardeners  from the Liégeois Condroz who, in 2002,   took up Laurent Voulzy’s challenge have proved their point: “ You can change hearts  by using flower bouquets and  change men by using geraniums “. Change men, maybe not, but help them, why not ?


    A new book by Vincent Botta


    to be issued in september




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