Liliane et Marc LECLERCQ
rue F.X. Simonis, 10
4910 THEUX Jehanster

  • Cornus_kousa
  • acer_palmatum_kamagata
  • arisaema_elephas_(3)
  • cimicifuga_racemosa_variegata
  • clematis_hagley_hybrid_(2)
  • hakonechloa
  • hemerocalle
  • pinellia_tripartita_(4)

An ornamental and collector's garden of 12 ares including more than 120 species of trees, leafy shrubs and dwarf conifers. Rose beds and rare perennials complete the flower beds. Numerous clematises. Special attention has been paid to shapes and foliages.

E42 motorway, direction Verviers-Prüm, exit 8 (Spa). Take the N640 towards Polleur and Jehanster. After passing in front of the church in Jehanster, follow the signposting.

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