Tarcisia et Jean-Marie DARDENNE
rue de l'Agriculture, 237-241

6000 sq. meter  landscape garden first designed in 1995. The visit comprises ponds with Kois, numerous ornamental shrubs (Cornus, Acer, rhododendrons and hydrangeas), perennials, grasses and roses. There is also a structured vegetable garden and an orchard.  

E40 Brussels- Aachen motorway, exit 34. Coming from Brussels, pass under the motorway bridge until you reach the roundabout and follow the “1ère Avenue”, (hôtel Formule 1) direction until you reach the next roundabout. Turn left, pass under the motorway and after you have passed “Jambon Binet” take the first road on your left, rue des Martyrs. Move straight on until your reach a T-junction: turning left, you pass under a bridge and arrive in the rue de l’Agriculture. 

Anna et Jean-Marie BARON
Rue de Pontisse, 41

Garden on 65 a., around an old "Condroz"region farm. Created in 1979 in what used to be a field: trees, shrubs, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, perennials, viburnum, holly trees, box trees… this garden perpetually changes.

-At the crossing of the roads Liège/Marche (RN 63) and Engis/Esneux (RN639), take the direction of Esneux and then the second street on your right.

à définirChristine et Daniel ALBERT
Rue de Spa, 171

Garden on 20 a. divided in "green rooms" and dedicated to perennials (some 700 sorts) and roses (100). Each room has a different theme (colour, roses, shade…) Welcoming terraces, pergolas with climbing roses, a small pond, complete the scenery.

Take the motorway E42, exit 10, follow the signs for Francorchamps. After 1,5 km turn left in the direction of Francorchamps (N62). The garden is on your right after 400 m.

à définirFrancis BOSSUT
Chemin du Louriou (anc. Foyr 37), 61

A 45-are garden, situated on the last ridge before the  Hautes Fagnes plateau, has been laid out around an old farm dating back from 1862. A great variety of vegetals: rose bushes, perennials, trees, shrubs and  grasses. This collector’s garden also has an experimental dimension.

E-42 Verviers-Prüm motorway. Exit 7. Follow the Baraque Michel indications as far as N672 road. Drive for about 800m on this main road and, when  it meets the road leading to Limbourg,  follow the  FOUIR  signs. After you have passed three speed bumps, take the second road on your left .


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